We at Home Ed Outings are a homeschooling family who have embraced outings as a part of our home ed journey and overall lifestyle. Inspired when we read in Melissa Calaap’s book Homeschool Adventures: Learning Through the Power of Field Trips, we started organizing outings (park days, IMAX movies, tours of public buildings, train rides, surfing lessons, etc.) for ourselves and our home ed community. We chose to embrace the freedom that homeschool affords us and get out of the house, and we haven’t looked back.

It has been a couple of years now, and we’ve made the decision to level up and turn the work we’re doing into a business. We aim to offer the home ed community a wide range of outings, to make new friends, to have lots of fun, and to learn a bit along the way. We appreciate you taking a moment to read our story and hope to soon see you on an outing.

Ann Leach

Our focus at Home Ed Outings is for home ed kids to go on field trips, excursions, adventures, etc; with their peers – to build friendships and memories with their peers. These shared experienes are the basis of friendships which could last them a lifetime, or at least all through their home ed journey. We understand that our outings look amazing and would be great family experiences, but that’s not what we’re offering. At some venues, we are limited in the number of tickets we can offer due to space restrictions. The more parents/younger siblings we have along, the fewer home ed kids who can go.Finally, some venues have created their own educational programs and are allowing us, the home ed community to participate in them. Their are setting the age restrictions for their program. It is important that their experience with us, representing the home ed community at large flows smoothly with a minimal effort on their side so future home ed families can have access to these programs.These are the primary reasons we restrict parents and younger siblings on our outings. If partners and/or younger siblings can come along on an outing, such as surfing, it will be included in the outing description on our website.